Nowadays, it seems like everyone needs proof that their life is just like it should be. Many people fall into the void of monotony or are so preoccupied with their work that they neglect their love life. Years pass by, and unhappiness and uncertainty become emphasized more than before. The world is quite big and can be a scary place to live in sometimes.

That’s when online psychic readings come into the picture. These can help you overcome significant obstacles and improve the quality of your life. Maybe many of you fear that this is another way for some hustlers to profit off the uninformed, but we’ve got you covered. The reviewed pages are renowned the best online psychic reading platforms, with the highest criteria possible in favor of clients.

Top 5 Best Psychic Reading Platform Of 2022:

  • Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Website
  • Keen – Best Choice for Psychic Readings On Career And Financials
  • AskNow – Best Readers With Free Psychic Reading Minutes
  • Oranum – Accurate Psychic Readings Via Phone, Live Chat, And Video
  • MysticSense – Best Online Psychics For Love Readings

#1. Kasamba – Overall Best Online Psychic Reading Website

Kasamba is the first name you will encounter after searching with the following keywords: online, nearby psychic, psychic readings online, best online psychics. Maybe that is because Kasamba has been the pioneer of this industry and has been around for over two decades.


  • Reliable readings

Kasamba is one of the few online platforms where you can find accurate and reliable readings. Unlike its counterparts, Kasamba is completely transparent.  It shares the profiles and reviews for all the readers it employs. This feature is a lot helpful for readers who want to compare the readers’ work experience and decide whether or not the psychic, and the platform in general, is worth the money.

? Visit the Official Website of Kasamba

  • Kasamba’s highlights

Kasamba offers a trial period of the first three free psychic reading online minutes with an advisor you want to pick. Although three free psychic reading online minutes may not seem enough time to establish a relationship with the psychic, it is enough to learn about the flow and how the interaction occurs. 

Additionally, there is a 70% discount for new clients on their first session. If the customer feels unsatisfied and unhappy with the first session, he has the option to request a total refund.

Kasamba’s guiding service is available 24/7. You can connect with your psychic via live chat or video call. And if the advisor you’ve chosen is not available at the time, you can schedule a future session. 

This online platform also has a mobile application. The application is available on Android and iOS. It is a user-friendly, convenient way to navigate through the page.

The most popular services on Kasamba: Tarot readings, Love psychics, Psychic readings, Fortune Telling, and Personal Astrology


  • First three free psychic reading online minutes with new advisors
  • Top-rated online psychic advisors
  • The encryption is excellent making the payments secured
  • The predictions are qualified as accurate and reliable by customers
  • New members get a 70% discount on the first session
  • The costs start from $1
  • If a customer is not satisfied, he can recall a full refund
  • Mobile app for live chat service available in iOS and Android formats


  • First three free psychic reading online minutes are not convenient enough for reading the introduction

Customer experience

Kasamba has received tons of positive comments. This is firm proof that Kasamba is one of the best reading platforms in this industry, which builds the foundations for a perfect experience with online readings. 

What concerns most people when talking about online psychic reading is that they fear their information could be leaked. Luckily, with Kasamba, that is not an issue. Unlike others, Kasamba is an online platform that asks about primary data when registering new clients. You must note that their sessions are entirely anonymous.

#2. Keen – Best Choice for Psychic Readings On Career And Financials

Keen is the place to be if you are looking for numerology and astrology reading. Like Kasamba, Keen is also regarded as one of the frontrunners in the clairvoyance community, successfully serving millions of customers in this industry since 1999.


  • Fully certified love counselors 

Keen will provide the most accurate prognosis if you are looking for a trustworthy psychic source, especially experienced in numerology, astrology, and love readings. Since the dawn of digital media, Keen has been targeting the online client base. If you seek guidance related to love and relationship problems, Keen will gladly offer you help. Their advisors are fully certified love counselors that can advise you in the most challenging life phases.

You can establish contact with your psychic readings by phone, chat, or live. Choose what suits you best and calms and comforts you during the communication. And if you feel unhappy about the service, you can call their customer service and ask for a full refund.

? Visit the Official Website of Keen 

  • Keen’s highlights 

First-time users can enjoy the first three free psychic reading online minutes in their first session. But if you are not satisfied with the advisor’s tone, or what you get in the free minutes that, let’s face it, are not enough, you must cancel it. Because if you don’t do so, you will have to pay. However, even if you don’t manage to cancel the service before the free minute’s run-up, the next ten minutes you get for a promotional cost, for only $1.99 per minute.

They also have an easy interface that allows each customer to navigate the page smoothly and without a problem. They also have customer service reps that are available non-stop, which you can consult if you encounter some technical issue or just have a question concerning the payment, the reading, etc.

The most popular services on Keen: astrology, numerology, tarot reading, psychic medium, dreams analytics, love psychics, etc.


  • Trial reading for three minutes
  • The advisors are fully-certified and experienced
  • You can chat psychics or can connect via call
  • The most accurate results for love reading sessions
  • The promotions and discounts make the price per minute pretty affordable
  • The platform is user-friendly
  • You can recall a total refund


  • You must stop before the three-minutes run up if you don’t want to continue with the particular advisor

Customer experience

Keen offers specific features that no other online psychic platform does. Apart from that, they provide the most affordable price on the market, at this particular moment. You get three free minutes for the first reading and an incredible price of only $1.99 per minute for the next ten minutes. Most of all, the online psychics are trained to approach with a particular sensitivity towards clients, since many of them experience a life hardship and are on rock bottom, regarding cheating husbands, or general apathy and loneliness. So if you have any doubt that a psychic may predict something concerning, don’t worry; they will find a subtle way to warn you. 

#3. AskNow – Best Readers With Free Psychic Reading Minutes

AskNow has provided the best online psychic readings to its loyal clients since 2005. AskNow employs thousands of clairvoyants, where each of them is a master in their respective fields. Not that they aren’t multitaskers, meaning that most of them specialized in tarot readings and astrology, for example.


  • Expertise in dream analysis

For those who aren’t sure and are afraid of what an online psychic reading provides, fortunately, AskNow has the answer. They use advanced filters to search by type of reading, the price, or top-rated counselors. The team is available 24/7 and efficiently assists customers how to optimize the quality of their life. Moreover, their platform is spiced with the vlog, where customers can witness the most common questions being answered by a representative. It’s good to link the name with a face, right?

? Visit the Official Website of AskNow

  • AskNow’s highlight

AskNow is best for providing future predictions, love and relationship advice, spiritual guidance, and crafting natal charts. The service also is highly experienced in dream analysis, numerology, and astrology. 

There are multiple ways to contact an advisor on AskNow. If you feel shy and are not comfortable seeing the psychic, you can decide to go ahead with live chat. Another option is establishing a session of psychic readings by phone call.

AskNow has premium offers for their customers that, first and foremost, are budget-friendly and easily accessible. Their golden opportunity is a 15-minute session for the price of only $10 total. Apart from this fantastic promotion, another one specially designed for new customers awaits. They can now enjoy a 30 minutes sesion/s for just $1 per minute. 

In addition, they offer five free psychic readings minutes with one of their top-rated advisors. What more can you wish for, besides the easy interface, the filtering options, vlogs where the most common questions regarding customer concerns about the psychic process are answered, and on top of that, a variety of discounts, reasonable prices, and accurate predictions.

The most popular services on AskNow: astrology, numerology, dream analysis, mediums


  • 15-minute for the price of $10 
  • Trial of free psychic readings for the first five minutes with master psychics
  • Excellent transparency and customer confidentiality
  • You can communicate with an advisor via phone or chat
  • Mobile app available with Android and iOS


  • No satisfaction guarantee

Customer experience

AskNow prioritizes customer care. They offer transparent and confidential services that magnetize clients. The website provides bios and profiles of their online psychic advisors, which gives visitors a chance to review and choose the one that fits their preferences the most. You can analyze all the profiles based on multiple criteria, including their qualification, time zone, years of experience, and customer satisfaction. At AskNow, the advisors are separated into three ranks, beginning with Master Advisors, Elite Advisors, and Top-Rated Advisors.

#4. Oranum – Accurate Psychic Readings Via Phone, Live Chat, And Video

What separates Oranum from other online psychic reading platforms is the opportunity to meet the psychic before depositing money for a session. This way you can have a clearer insight into their types of reading, which are divided into 12 different categories. 


  • Hosting free live sessions

Any visitor can be a free participant in one of their sessions. Besides being free and open for every visitor, they can secure their other participant with the highest possible level of protection. Also, you can read their bios and decide what psychic will fit your criteria. This being said, you have untied hands and maximum liberty, unlike with other online platforms, since you can be a direct witness of the psychic ability, experience, tone of communication, and much more before depositing any money. This hosting of free live sessions is the real deal to attract customers who, before everything else, trust their eyes more than they trust others’ opinions.

? Visit the Official Website of Oranum 

  • Oranum’s highlights

You can enter a live session without having made an account. Although you watch the session you are not allowed to text and message the group chat box, except if you want to join as an actual participant. Then you will be able to type the predefined questions “What can I do to feel better?” and “I need your help.”

Oranum works with credit coins that you can cash as actual money for your account. These coins can be used only here and nowhere else. If you enter the number of a valid credit card, you get 1000 coins. The most generous welcome offer ever offered in this industry is that Oranum gives new members an incredible 10,000 coins.

The site has special forums where, after creating an account, you can communicate with other members, get feedback about the experience of a particular advisor, and exchange your opinion about a specific issue.

And since Oranum does not involve a part that guarantees your satisfaction, these live sessions are some sort of a trial that will compensate for the deficiency from the refund department.

Their money rates for a private video chat begin from $2.99 and upwards.

The most popular services at Oranum: love and relationship, tarot card readings, astrology, guides, and clairvoyance.


  • Free video introduction from every psychic
  • You can enter any live session that happens at the moment
  • Their categories are divided into 12 departments
  • The greatest welcoming offer is 10,000 coins
  • You collect coins and then exchange them into account funds


  • It does not offer a money-back guarantee

Customer experience

Customers praise the intelligent move from the Oranum team which managed to attract clients, using their innate sense of curiosity. This way, each customer can be 100% satisfied and can’t blame the psychic if he doesn’t like what he got. Moreover, they have a unique way of bonus offers, where customers collect coins. And their warm greeting for welcome is in the amount of 10,000 coins. Also, their page interface is very well built, and they have sectioned all readings into twelve different categories.

#5. MysticSense – Best Online Psychics For Love Readings

MysticSense has been known as the psychic platform with the most diverse cultural advisors. That is why experts claim you can get different and memorable experiences with exciting viewpoints and insights.


  • Specific labels 

MysticSense has just the appropriate types of psychic readings. The platform has three ways of communication, suitable for everyone: phone psychic reading, video, and mail. And what intrigues the most is that their general categories are subdivided into smaller ones. For example, the section Love and Relationship has many branches like toxic relationships, cheating hearts, finding a soulmate, social life, etc.

? Visit the Official Website of MysticSense

They have special treatment for people who are fighting some vice and transgender clients. The counselor offers them psychological support in a much more severe manner than providing clairvoyance services.

  • MysticSense’s highlights

What triggers the most is their advanced and divine filtering option, where you can cross-sect various criteria such as type of psychic reading, preferred category, and even the tone of the reading style. You can now choose between compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, and wise. Therefore, you can’t make a mistake when you carefully select the parameters of your preference.

The platform is easy to navigate through, and the application is quick and effortless. But you must provide some essential information, such as personal data (name, surname, date of birth, state of residence), and set the time zone, so the platform can obtain those online psychics that are local and can adjust to your time zone.

They select the advisors with special skill assessments and interviews, where they must prove their reading ability. And if you are not satisfied with the session, you can request a refund within the next 48 hours, where a team will examine and review your case. Then after a thorough review, they will decide whether or not to refund your money.

The most popular services at MysticSense: Affairs and cheating hearts, grief counselor, toxic relationships, LGBT relationships


  • The costs per minute are affordable, starting from $0.99 – $10
  • They offer broad reading types, where you can call, chat, or establish a video connection with the psychic
  • Their welcoming offer free psychic readings for the first five minutes
  • MysticSense is specialized in tarot cards and crystal ball
  • Honest and accurate psychic readings
  • Your refund request will be reviewed within 48 hours


  • No mobile application

Customer experience

MysticSense routinely checks all psychic advisors that work under their platform’s name. For many customers, that’s the major hit- an honest and trustworthy site. Most of all, their pricelist is affordable and reasonable. The welcoming bonus may not be such a surprise, but it is top-notch for those who want to sense the atmosphere in a chat room before depositing money. Also, they have plenty of online psychic reading choices, supported by an exquisite filtering option, where you can name your preferences and come up with the only choice that will satisfy all of your wishes regarding a psychic session.

Beginners Guide For Online Psychic Reading

How to choose an appropriate online psychic reader?

Nowadays, the choice of online psychic sites is much more overwhelming than before. That is why it is vital to consider a few factors before depositing money on a particular psychic website. Here are some guidelines that we provided for you

  • Free psychic reading minutes

You may not find a free online psychic reading since these people do this for a living, but the best psychic platforms may provide some free trials that will be a great insight into their work. Many of them offer free psychic readings for the first three free psychic reading minutes, some even go as high as five and discounted prices by the minute after that. And if you want to continue with the session, you must pay after the trial expires, or if you’re going to end the session, remember to skip before the trial ends.

  • Ways of contact

The majority of favorite psychic websites offer several methods for clients on how to perform their psychic readings online. Typically, you can connect with the advisor through email, phone, or video call. If you need time to think through the questions and answers and analyze the advice from your consultant, then it is better to choose the email option. Now, since chatting has become a priority, you can also utilize this option. 

For those who want to feel closer to a traditional way of communication, the face-to-face option is similar to a video connection. This way, you can optimize the link and get a more intense relationship with the advisor. But if you feel timid, then it’s better to choose either email or phone communication.

And don’t worry, the best psychic will, either way, secure accurate and confidential psychic readings, independently if he sees you or not. The only thing you will miss if you select a phone or email is the body language of the psychic that sometimes indicates a scam and false psychic readings. 

  • Offered specialties

Mostly, all online psychic sites have a variety of services included in their offer. Many of them stick only to general categories such as love and relationship, career, and money, but some sites include some lesser-known services, such as Vedic astrology or feng shui.

Some have a particular filtering option built inside the page’s interface to navigate you to the right advisor. You can select the psychic style of reading, the category, and your budget.

  • Years of experience

Two of our reviewed pages(Kasamba and Keen) have been in this business for almost two decades, making them the online psychic industry pioneers. But those who have lesser years of experience don’t mean that they are not as worth it as others. Usually, newer brands compensate for the lack of experience with modern features, such as offering live chat in Oranum for all visitors or the advanced filtering mode in MysticSence.

But the experience, as customers emphasize, is relative, meaning yes, years can be a vital criterion, but sometimes newly emerged online platforms can provide as accurate psychic readings like the one titled as pioneers.

  • Customer reviews

The client reviews of online psychics are the essential part of choosing a particular advisor. They can provide essential data about the type of experience to expect from a specific platform. The psychic’s profile data and bio are helpful in a manner to see how they experience themselves. But customer reviews allow you to see them retold by other clients’ eyes. Everyone can think of himself highly, right? Thus, not everyone can see the high in him. 

  • Satisfaction guarantee

The majority of these websites provide a refund policy. Some may give you free psychic reading minutes, or credit coins for the application, while others will refund the whole amount. However, there are cases where potential sites don’t offer a guarantee but allow you to chat without any obligation with whichever advisor you prefer and see if it is worth your money and time. Don’t miss to check the existence of any form of refund policy before signing in. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Psychic Readings

 Q1. What can I expect from online psychic readings? 

Online psychic readings are thought to be an alternative way of psychological advice, where you get almost the same experience and consultation, but regarding specific insights into your current situation or future predictions. Along with the client work, plenty of advisors offer their services to help them better understand their particular circumstances that can eventually lead to closure. Moreover, they warn you about specific challenges and will lead you to find the right path.

Whether you’re worried about your relationship status, ?r an unsafe career movement, you struggle with financial burdens, or simply want to wake your inner spirit; you can ask a psychic advisor for help.

Q2. How could I know what psychic reading is the best option for me?

Each human being on this planet is troubled by different sorts of things. For some, that may be becoming rich, coming out of a debt spiral, finding true love, or simply a way to reach happiness. And the most important part of the psychic process is determining why you need psychic counseling. After this, it will be so much easier to find the appropriate psychic reading, advisor, platform, in one word-everything.

Q3. Can I get genuine advice from the psychic?

Many people take these psychic readings for granted. But they shouldn’t. Note that these readings are not accurate, but they can also give you another dimension of experiencing the whole process by including a psychic into your life perspective. Still, there are those who are concerned about psychic reading accuracy. However, it is only misleading that online psychic readings can’t offer the same accuracy and genuineness as a traditional conversation with a psychic. The truth is, these psychic readings can be reliable if you choose a trustworthy psychic.

That being said, it is vital to choose the appropriate expert for online psychic advising. Once you are settled in a renowned site, you must take care of the proper question settlement.

The asked question can determine whether or not you will benefit from the session or end up going in circles. Make sure you’re neither indirect nor deeply involved with your inquiries. Just focus on forming the question that you need to get an answer for. Leave the stage-fright behind.

Providers that you can trust are Kasamba, Keen, AskNow, Oranum, and MysticSense.

Q4. What are the most common psychic reading types?

Tarot readings

Tarot reading is done by choosing cards randomly and can predict the past, the present, and the future.

  • Numerology reading 

Numbers are an essential part of our life. The name and the date of birth play a significant role in this particular type of psychic reading. It is thought they can make an accurate and reliable reading close to a person’s personality.

  • Aura reading 

Aura is an ancient Buddhist belief, a spirit representative of the inner body condition. Aura is an energy shield consistent with a vast range of colors. Every color has a different meaning. People are crazy about these psychic readings, and the technology supports them with aura scans.

  • Palm reading

Palmistry is thought to be the most common and accurate way of predicting the future. Ancient people believed that palm lines were connected on a spiritual level with life duration. These lines can forecast the future, the health stadium, and fortune. 

  • Psychic mediums

Although many people think that the psychic world, in general, is based on speaking with spirits from the afterlife, it is not entirely true. Yes, a branch works especially with connecting this world with the world of souls that passed away. And if you have something that has been bothering you, contact a medium.

Q5. How should I prepare for psychic reading services?

You must remember that readers connect with your mental state before making an accurate prediction. Therefore, people who feel depressed or angry can mask their true spirit intentions and get a wrong reading. It’s not the advisor’s fault; your spirit gives away wrong vibrations. That is why it is imperative to find your balance before the session starts; you mustn’t act like you know everything or be frightened. 

Bear in mind that the answer you will get should be directly proportional to the money you’ve invested in this reading. Knowing that your choice fell under one of these online psychic providers, we know you will utilize the funds at the maximum. Just don’t forget to be yourself. If you try to hide something, the advisor will find out anyway. Don’t forget that’s why they call them “psychics.”

Conclusion – How To Choose The Best Online Psychic Reading?

If you chose one of the best online psychic reading above-reviewed sites, you’ve chosen right. They all provide an accurate reading, coming from reliable sources and a team of psychic experts. The platforms are highly rated among clients. Almost every platform has a satisfaction guarantee, affordable prices and constantly adds new features that magnetize new members. They also have trial minutes that give an interesting insight into the site’s chat rooms and readings in general.

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