It’s more than clear the market for alternative cannabinoids is exploding. Yes, D8 and D10 are probably the most familiar terms to you. However, what about the new kid on the block – HHC?

No, if you thought that this is another version of THC, it’s not in any way. It is probably unlike anything that you have ever seen before. However, it will make you feel buzzing like D9.

While many home enthusiasts have already been gushing about the unique properties of hexahydro cannabinol, many of us are unaware of the hemp derivative. HHC is a federally allowed cannabinoid that is unique in that it appears to function identically like Delta-9 THC in terms of high and other well-known features. 

So HHC has the same medical potential as Delta THC but with fewer side effects, and low psychoactive intensity, and if you are searching for the right HHC gummies to put your hands on, you should definitely check these ones. 

Best HHC Gummies Brands – 2022 Review

#1 Exhale Wellness: Best HHC Gummies On The Market, Editor’s Pick

Are you looking for the best HHC gummy brand to alleviate your cannabinoid experience? Then you should look no further than Exhale Wellness. Their devotion to organic, additive-free hemp and the full potency of their gummies have already earned them a flawless reputation, and it’s no surprise why they are on the top of our list. 

Moreover, with their splendid product range, they have great options for seasoned users and those who have built D8 tolerance; however, if you are a newbie and don’t know where to start, the brand will provide you with a thoughtful knowledge of cannabinoid usage through the informative blog segment. 


  • High-quality components

These HHC gummies are made with a carefully selected mix of blends delivered through pure CO2 extracted hemp with additional components to make a concentrated gummy. Colorado’s hemp providers assure that you are consuming real hemp cultivated in an organic environment.

  • Variety of flavors

Exhale HHC infused gummies are created with artificial colors and flavors. The sum of these ingredients creates an irresistible treat. They have two delicious fruit mixes. 

  • Levels of potency

Since HHC dosing normally relies on the THC and D8 guidelines, every customer requires a different amount to reach the desired outcome. This is where Exhale Wellness truly excels. They have come with two types of potencies to come through for both experienced and new users. 25 mg with 30 gummies, and a fruit mix of 50 mg with 30 to count.  

  • Safe and trustworthy

Not only are they good, but they are also the greatest we have discovered, and the reasoning behind this is that they have been evaluated by a third party lab. The brand is completely devoted to their customer’s safety and health, providing the whole list of the ingredients used on their official page. 

  • Customer-friendly service

To sweeten the bargain even more, the brand provides a 20% discount on your first order, with no minimum purchase limit. If you subscribe to their catalog, you can also save another 20%. On top of that, they offer a money-back guarantee, which you can apply within the first 30 days of the initial purchase. 


  • Reputable brand with a large customer base
  • Third-party tested 
  • Organic hemp derived from Colorado
  • Free from artificial colors and flavors
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan friendly
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Only for online purchase 

Customer reviews

Looking through the website’s reviews, all the users leave five-star reviews. They adore the distinctive experience that comes with their fresh and natural flavors. Furthermore, many of the customers have expressed their delight at how calm they make them feel after consuming HHC gummies. 

Many people stated that they had tried a lot of brands, but none of them have reached the level of satisfaction that Exhale Wellness provides when it comes to quality and trustworthiness. 

#2 Delta ExtraX: Best HHC Gummies Collection with Fruity, Natural Flavors

Delta ExtraX has become one of the leading brands in the D8 market, and its product range is growing day by day. The team behind it has a long history in the CBD market, which ensures that the goods are safe and tested and their customer service is more than excellent. 

If there is a brand that is leading the new HHC market, Delta ExtraX is the word for it. Their Sours Hydro Collection HHC infused gummies are made with high-grade HHC cannabis. The flavor is sour at first, and then it develops into a sweet finish with a variety of fruity notes. Each gummy includes ten milligrams of HHC, making for a unique and pleasurable experience. 


  • High-quality components

Delta ExtraX sets itself apart by the use of the essential components that are always of the highest quality. Delta ExtraX HHC gummies are made with a special blend of cannabis-derived terpenes and a unique cannabinoid called HHC. Delta ExtraX is a gummy version of the newest cannabis, allowing consumers to enjoy its benefits in a tasty and handy way.  

  • Variety of flavors

These gummies start with a tart flavor and have a sweet finish. Each jar includes 25 HHC gummies with 10 mg of HHC in each sour gummy. The HHC gummies have a combination of D8 and D9 feelings so that you will get the experience of total relaxation and bliss. 

  • Levels of potency

The THC concentration is somewhere between D8 and D9; however, with 10 mg of HHC per gummy, these gummies deliver just the appropriate quantity of HHC for a good time. 

Since it is said to have three times the potency of D8 to create tolerance, you just have to swallow half a gummy at a time and gradually increase the dose. Each box contains 25 mg of HHC each.

  • Safe and trustworthy 

Delta ExtraX is always up to date with its information about D8 compounds. The brand values the trust you place in them, which is why they believe in transparent testing and posting all the third-party lab results on their website. 

  • Customer-friendly service

Delta ExtraX offers its gummy range for a reasonable price. It is even better since you can get your money back. So if you aren’t satisfied with your product after 30 days, you can ask for a refund which won’t be issued on the product. 


  • Organic grown hemp 
  • Health-oriented
  • Natural ingredients, vegan-friendly
  • Third-party lab tested
  • No added sugars or artificial sweeteners and colorings
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Reliable brand with years of experience in the sector


  • Shipping sometimes can be delayed for a day or two

Customers experience

The brand has everything that a cannabinoid lover can only wish for. Their unique product mix which includes premium ingredients has been one of the crucial factors why they have outshined their competition. They use the finest Hexahydro Cannabinol (HHC) and combine it with the purest terpenes to create the goods that can even excel your expectations. 

#3 Diamond CBD: Effective HHC Edibles Out There

Want to buy HHC gummies from a premium brand? Diamond CBD has elevated its product range with its new addition – the HHC edibles. Whatever comes from their laboratories is truly high-quality and natural ingredients that support the customer’s wellbeing.

Moreover, the brand has plenty of enticing offers that will make your experience even more enjoyable, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a good cannabinoid product. You can choose your product to your potency preference or overall tolerance. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned user, you can find out everything you want to know through their Learn section, 


  • High-quality components

Diamond’s gummies are vegan and produced with organic hemp, which indicates that the brand does not use anything that comes from the animal original. Diamond CBD sources their hemp flowers locally in collaboration with Colorado farmers. 

  • Variety of flavors

If you want to try something unique, Diamond CBD has created an impressive number of eight different flavors to choose from. Including Tropical MIx, Fruity Mix, Fruity Punch, Watermelon, Blueberry, Pineapple, Mango, and Apple. 

  • Levels of potency

These HHC gummies provide the right buzz. You will get 1250 mg of HHC from their Artisan Cube Gummies in the delightful Tropical Mix. Each har contains 50 gummies with roughly 25 mg of HHC for the right among handmade HHC perfection. 

  • Safe and trustworthy

This HHC product has been thoroughly tested for purity and contaminants. The certificate of analysis is accessible on the brand’s official website. 

  • Customer-friendly service

If you make an order above $100, you’ll get to use their free shipping option. Also, the brand provides a 30-day money-back guarantee with a free return if your goods are in an open state.


  • Variety of flavors and potencies
  • Organically cultivated hemp from experienced farmers
  • Health benefits
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Natural, free from artificial coloring and additives
  • Non-GMO, vegan friendly
  • Free shipping on orders above $100
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Selling fast and sometimes out of stock 

Customers experience 

The amount of positive reviews on the brand’s page is impressive. There is nothing about them that customers don’t like starting from their extensive flavor range. We haven’t found any complaints when it comes to the effect; moreover, customers were surprised how fast and everlasting the effect they provide. 

Some of the customers said that these gummies had brought them relief from their chronic pain without negative effects, even from prolonged usage. 

How We Choose The Best HHC Legal Gummy Brands?

If there are hemp products on our menu, we always do extensive research to make sure that our readers are getting the most of D8 possible. We know that finding a reputable brand, especially for those who are new to buying HHC gummies, might be challenging. 

If you feel hesitant about our approach, this is the criteria we have used to narrow down the list and give you only those fully attested and safe brands. 

Popular among customers

We have made the list of our best HHC gummy brands and spent more than 80 hours looking through all the customer reviews, social network accounts, forum comments, and critical feedback for each one of them. 

We have looked to see if the goods were vegan or gluten-free since nowadays there are more people that are dedicated to the holistic approach of living. Also, we have included those brands that interact with their customers and are always at their disposal to offer them assistance.

Third-party testing and results

We have checked through each brand’s third-party lab tests and evaluated their results for authenticity and efficiency. Accurate third-party lab tests must provide information on marijuana potency as well as a list of other findings.

We were able to narrow down our choices by looking through consumer feedback concerning the effect they leave for a longer period of usage. We ensured that the brands create HHC gummy varieties that contain no D9 THC. Although it is safe to take in a small amount on a regular basis, there is a potential health risk associated with them.


Our list includes only the most well-known companies that are recommended by millions of customers throughout the world. Checking the ratings, ingredients, and descriptions of each product on a brand’s website can completely reveal its legitimacy.

Safe ingredients

Each product on our list has no allergens, preservatives, or synthetics in its gummies. If the gummies are vegan, they won’t include gelatin. 

Good HHC gummy brands make sure that their goods don’t contain any pollutants during the extraction process of the hemp and always take care to strictly inspect each one of them before they proceed into sales.


When it comes to D8 products, a simple guideline to remember is that the lower the price, the lower the quality. Brands that offer gummies or other Delta-8 items for a low price usually do not follow the regulation in the sector and the safety standards. 

They may be using low-quality hemp, and the finished product can include chemicals and other harmful ingredients. As a result, you should stay away from cheap products. Furthermore, even the most expensive brands offer sales and deals that you can take advantage of and save some bucks along the way. 

Buying Guide: Factors That Influence How Much HHC Edibles You Should Take

Sometimes, there are specific guidelines for each cannabis product, and there are several aspects to consider when determining how much you should ingest. 

Your THC tolerance

Hexahydrocannabinol appears to operate similarly to D9, providing a stronger high than either D8 or D9. Before considering how much is good for you, think about your tolerance to THC cannabinoids in general. Even if you have used other psychoactive cannabinoids in the past, we always advise new users to start slowly.

To put it in another way, even if you have been taking D8 regularly for a month, it is desirable to start with half of the suggested dosage while taking HHC for the first time. However, the higher your tolerance for other intoxicating cannabinoids, the more HHC you will likely be able to endure. 

Method of ingesting HHC

The suggested dosage is largely based on the administration mode, such as sublingual, ingestible, inhalable, and so on. This is because each delivery technique has a different amount of bioavailability, which influences how well the cannabis enters the body and becomes effective. 

Vapes, for example, are more bioavailable and therefore stronger than tinctures. As a result, a person can choose to take free milligrams of a vaporizer rather than a tincture. 

Comfort level

Because hexahydro cannabinol is a psychoactive compound, the amount you should take is determined by how comfortable you are with its intoxicating effects. You may not want to get too high if you want a light buzz, so in that case, you should stick to the dosage that is not the lower end of the spectrum. 

Your plans

You probably know that you shouldn’t drive, operate heavy machinery or go to work while under the influence of hexahydro cannabinol, which is intoxicating. As a result, the amount of HHC you should ingest is likely to be governed by the sort of what type of activity you’ll be doing. 

If you don’t have any particular plans except to lay down on the sofa and watch movies, you can be more comfortable taking a higher dose than when you have multiple errands to run after. 

Best 3 HHC Gummies Collection: FAQs

What is HHC anyway?

HHC was produced in 1944 by a famous American scientist, adding hydrogen molecules to D9 THC. This way, D9 THC is converted to hex hydrocannabinol by a process known as hydrogenation. 

Cannabinoid synthesis is not the only thing that hydrogenation can do. Vegetable oil is converted to margarine in a similar way.

While this famous scientist synthesized HHC using THC obtained from traditional cannabis, the cannabinoid is now most often made from hemp, a low THC-cannabis plant that was deemed federally lawful by Congress in 2018. 

How potent is HHC?

This is a bit challenging to determine. Although HHC is not officially a THC, it does have a THC-like effect when used in large amounts. When made in the lab, an HHC batch is made of active and inactive HHC molecules. The active HHC binds effectively to the cannabinoid receptors in your body, where the other one doesn’t. 

Because manufacturers have yet to figure out a cost-effective way to distinguish high-potency HHC from its low potency twin, commercial HHC, a combination of the two, might be a bit of a gamble for the consumer. HHC, on the other hand, has visible consequences. The HHC high is often described as being between D8 and D9 THC. 

Can HHC be detected in a drug test?

HHC doesn’t appear to break down in the body in the same manner as THC does. Some implications say that HHC doesn’t metabolize into 11-hydroxy THC, which is the breakdown chemical that many drug panels test for, unlike the D8, D9, and D10 forms of THC.

However, this hasn’t been researched and is not confirmed. No one knows for sure that HHC wil does not leave traces of its usage in your blood, urine, or hair at this time. If your workplace conducts drug testing, we recommend that you refrain from taking HHC. 

Is there any medical advantage of taking HHC?

Unlike the most prevalent cannabinoids like D9 THC or CBD, HHC hasn’t been extensively investigated; however, there have been some encouraging studies. Some synthetic analogs of hexahydro cannabinol significantly suppressed breast cancer cell-induced angiogenesis and tumor development.

Some publications have described that HHC has outstanding pain-blocking effectiveness. However, it is probably too soon to conclude if HHC has a lot of potential as a therapeutic drug. 

Edible HHC Gummies Quality Products: Conclusion

All the HHC products are made from chemically hydrogenated HHC. HHC is neither toxic or harmful, but the process by which it is formed can be potentially unsafe. As a result of the inadequate hydrogenation technique, the HHC product you buy may include a lot of impurities and pollutants. 

Before you start your HHC journey, consult with your physician. While you have the option of purchasing HHC items online without a doctor’s prescription, you must be certain that none of your previous or present medical history will have a detrimental effect on your HHC. 

To that end, make sure you get your HHC items from reliable and trustworthy HHC brands that send their products to third party lab tests. To make sure that you are using HHC in the right way, take a look at our buying guide. To play it safe, our best recommendation is to try HHC gummy from Exhale Wellness or Delta ExtraX. These two brands have years of experience in the sector, and an array of happy customers.

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