It is one thing to find CBD gummies with all sorts of flavors, but it is an entirely different thing to find the best CBD gummies for your specific needs. Currently, there are a lot of choices for CBD gummies, and you are likely to find many strong candidates. However, you will want the best of them. Which are the best of them?

CBD gummies serve different purposes. Some people use them to curb pain, while others use them to handle anxiety issues. Plus, most find their soothing effects excellent for their sleeping troubles. Hence, many consumers switched to these edibles as an alternative form of medicine. The reason may be that they do not pump the body with chemicals, yet they offer some significant relief.

So, CBD as a compound opens extra remedies for those dealing with chronic pain, stress, or anxiety. You do not want to fall back on pills that may have long-term effects on your organs upon prolonged usage. On its end, CBD does not pose any negative health issues. such threats. That is why more and more people are making a habit of including inserting CBD into their daily routine. 

As a result, today you are not short on options when choosing a suitable brand of CBD gummies. As we have mentioned before, they are a highly sought-after item, with new products popping up left and right. However, this trend is what brought on the expansive nature of today’s market. 

To make the selection process easier for you, we set out to create down a comprehensive guide about the best CBD gummies. Our selection contains the top brands that offer the best products alternatives you can rely on. But, we did not just select them on a whim, as before forming an opinion, we did thorough research.

Top 5 Full Spectrum CBD Gummies on the Market 2022:

  1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Gummies On The Market
  2. BudPop – Most Potent & Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies
  3. Cheef Botanicals – High Quality & Tasty CBD Edibles
  4. Hollyweed – Top-Rated Hemp Edibles & Chewables For Pain
  5. FAB CBD – Strongest and Best Value CBD Gummies

   #1. Exhale Wellness: Overall Best CBD Gummies On The Market

This company excels at producing some of the finest cannabis products on the market. It is the best-rated brand for hemp CBD gummies because of its innovative technologies, friendly customer service friendliness, and effective products. They make sure to maintain this high level of quality with each new batch., always coming through for their customers. 

Moreover, Exhale Wellness enjoys some overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. The brand’s consistency in delivery makes it one of the top-rated CBD brands delta-8 makers in the business. So, both critics and fans alike agree on the benefits of this product.

The CBD gummies from Exhale Wellness are highly potent because each gummy carries between 25mg and about 50 mg of  Full Spectrum CBD isolate, depending on the size option you choose. Whether or not you have a high tolerance, you will feel the effect of the products within a short period of taking them. The effects of CBD gummies are calming and soothing. That does not mean you will feel drained; the psychoactive effect is mild yet refreshing.

Also, the gummies come in amazing flavors such as orange, strawberry, grape, pineapple, raspberry, cherry, and apple. So, it does not feel like medication with these gummies; you get a mouthful of flavors with every bite.

You can choose the 1500 mg CBD per pack or the 750 mg per pack option. That means the gummies come in 30 count and 15 gummies containers. If you want to stop smoking, the gummies can help curb the craving, so it is a win on every side.

The company sources its hemp from Colorado, one of the country’s best hemp sources. The company cultivates collaboration with some confirmed hemp farms and keeps an eye on the plant’s selection process. to stay resourceful.  By doing so, Exhale Wellness produces CBDdelta-8 products free of chemical additives and gluten. In addition, the products are also suitable for lactose-intolerant customers.

To crown it all, The brand sells its products at reasonable prices while offering a 25% discount for a monthly subscription of their CBD gummies, if you are a subscriber. Plus, they offer a 30-day money-back has a money-back policy where you can return a product within 30 days of purchase.


Potency: Each gummy contains a potent amount of CBDwhopping 50 mg CBD for the best results. That means you should treat them as potent meds. Yet, the gummies will not make you “high” are not highly psychoactive, and also taste great.

Ingredients: The gummies contain no artificial additives. The result is an increase in the efficacy of the products and a longer shelf life.

Extract Type: Exhale Wellness uses Full Spectrum CBD isolate to produce gummies, making them superbly effective.

Third-Party Lab Testing: Reliable labs test each product to ensure its effectiveness and suitability for the health of its consumers.

Return Policy: You can return the products you purchase within thirty days and get a full refund., no questions.


  • Top-quality gummies made from 
  • Full Spectrum CBD isolate
  • Third-party lab testedLab-tested products
  • Variety of flavorsA wide variety of flavors
  • Effective productand fabulous to use
  • No artificial additiveschemical ingredients or additives
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Only available onlineAvailable only online
  • CBD content may be too high for low-tolerance customers

? Visit the Official Website of Exhale Wellness

 #2. BudPop: Most Potent & Broad Spectrum CBD Gummies

BudPop is a familiar name in the delta-8 industry, and it was founded and established by a group of young CBD enthusiasts. They built the brand on the belief that conventional medicine only goes so far. So, they’ve envisioned an alternate path to assist those in need. 

Over time, the brand branched out into making many different hemp-derived gummies and cartridges, too. However, they didn’t compromise on quality. Instead, they stick to using plant-derived terpenes that are organic and non-GMO. The Certificate of Analysis proves that the products have undergone third-party lab tests. Also, you can verify this information from the brand’s official site.

BudPop offers two distinct gummy flavors among the other choices: Blue Dream Berry and Strawberry Gelato. Recently, these two strains climbed to the top as the brand’s most popular items. Plus, BuPop infuses them with only natural oils, and many customers find them excellent for their taste buds.

You can buy either the pack containing 50 or 25 gummies; the choice is yours. Note that the flavor varieties for the 50 gummies per pack option are limited compared to the 25-gummy pack. Whichever you choose, each gummy comes infused with 25 mg CBD, making them highly potent.

The company allows you to return unopened products within fourteen days of purchase, and you will get a full refund. Also, you get free shipping if you purchase products worth $50 or more. You may want to take advantage of discounts for many purchases and get free shipping as the products have long shelf lives.


Flavorful Gummies: The CBD gummies come in various flavors, including the popular Blue Dream Berry and Strawberry Gelato. However, Each CBD gummy has 25 mg of CBD for quick and lasting results. So, you can even use them as painkillers in the place of conventional ones.

Healthy Formula: The gummies are vegan-friendly so that anybody can find good use in them. They have no chemical ingredients; all are natural and organic.

Money-Back Policy: BudPop allows you to claim all your funds back as long as you return the unopened product within 14 days from the purchase.

Shipping Policy: For purchases at $50 and above, the company will send the package to your doorstep for no extra charge. Plus, this policy also works for bulk purchases, where you will also receive discounts.

Reliability: BudPop has its gummies and other delta-8 products tested by third-party labs to certify them fit for use. The brand also limits its products to just two variants due to the requirements to produce top-quality products. While this step ensures excellence, it limits the varieties of these gummies.


  • Third-party lab tested Independent lab tests
  • Flexible return policy
  • Suitable shipping policy
  • Effective and flavorful CBD gummies for different purposes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited gummy variants
  • International shipping not available

? Visit the Official Website of Budpop

#3. Cheef Botanicals: High Quality & Tasty CBD Edibles

The company distinguishes itself from others by its innovative and creative selection of high-quality CBD gummies and similar products. Using CBD isolate extract type, Cheef Botanicals has perfected the art of formulating all its products. The brand sources its organic hemp plants from Colorado, using superb hemp for manufacturing its CBD gummies and other edibles.

Cheef Botanicals’ CBD gummies are free of additives that may be harmful to consumers. They are GMO-free, contain no gluten or dairy, and are cruelty-free. Third-party labs thoroughly test the vegan gummies to verify their efficacy and suitability for consumption. You will find the Certificate of Analysis under the tab labeled as “chemical analysis”.

However, it is crucial to note that the gummies contain full-spectrum CBD extract type, which means they may contain trace amounts of THC (below 0.3%). Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the compound in the cannabis plant responsible for the ‘high.’ So, these gummies may affect you, especially if you have a low tolerance.

On the other hand, these fruity gummies are a superb option to treat chronic pain and stress. Thanks to their content, they’ll provide respite and leave you with a long-lasting benefit. Hence, you can rely on them to give you peace of mind. 


Highly-Concentrated Gummies: While they are vegan with no chemical additives, they have enough CBD concentration to make them potent for pain and anxiety. If your health issues require a high dose of CBD, opt for these gummies to provide the dosage. Depending on your specific needs, the per-gummy dosage can be as low as 10 mg or as high as 100 mg.

On that same note, Cheef Botanicals CBD gummies feature full-spectrum CBD. That means it may contain a little THC, but not enough to make them psychoactive.

Refund Policy: You can get your full money back if you are not satisfied with the value you get from the product. But you must return it within thirty days of buying it to qualify for a full refund.

An All-Around Product: CBD gummies from Cheef Botanicals contain only natural and organic ingredients, no dairy, gluten, or GMO. There is also no animal cruelty involved in the production of the gummies. Regarding their taste, you may feel a mild hint of hemp at first. However, this quickly disappears, and you get a mouthful of pleasant bursts afterward.


  • Potent gummies made from 
  • Ffull -Sspectrum CBD
  • Vegan-friendlyFully vegan and vegetarian gummies for every taste bud
  • Gluten free
  • Non-GMOOrganic formulation, free of chemicals, GMO, and gluten
  • Beneficial for pain and anxiety
  • Excellent refund policy
  • Third-party lab tested


  • Shipping only within the US
  • Nighttime gummies not available

? Visit the Official Website of Cheef Botanicals

#4. Hollyweed CBD: Top-Rated Hemp Edibles & Chewables For Pain

Organic and affordable, CBD gummies from Hollyweed are highly potent and beneficial. The efficacy of the gummies is drawing attention to the brand and putting them in line to be named the next big thing in the delta-8 industry.

The brand’s gummy formulation makes it easy to pick between robust gummies and mild ones. In other words, Hollyweed’s full-spectrum CBD gummies have something for you, even if you’re a beginner. Unlike similar products, you don’t have to cut these gummies in half – instead, opt for the smaller-sized ones. Later on, as you build tolerance, consider switching to the larger dosages.

The company focuses on ensuring the well-being of its customers, leading to the consistent provision of top-quality CBD gummies and other products. To prove that the brand has the best interest of its customers at heart, it provides natural, gluten and dairy-free products free of GMOs. Hollyweed uses delicate plants to produce some of the most effective CBD products on the market, and that is part of the reason it made it to our list.

Like most other CBD gummies, Hollyweed’s gummies have a fruity flavor. The difference is in the composition and formulation; the gummies come in strawberry, pineapple, orange, grape, and apple flavors. They make for a mouthful of flavor burst while providing humor with the shapes of the gummies.

What’s more, you can find all the information you need about the ingredients on the label. In a nutshell, the ingredients include algae, compressed sunflower oil, beeswax, natural cane sugar, etc. They are entirely organic and infused with THC, available in 25 mg, 50 mg, and 100 mg potency. So, keep those options in mind while making your selection. 

Finally, Hollyweed isn’t stingy about its fair policies either. Therefore, they allow you a long period of 45 days to return the gummies and ask for a refund.


Focus on Wellness: Hollyweed is interested in the well-being of its customers, both physically and mentally. They manifest this goal by producing effective and tasty gummies. 

Dosage Variety: You have the option of choosing a pack of 25 mg CBD per gummy or that of 50 mg CBD per gummy. There is also the option of 100 mg CBD per gummy; the variety provides room for every need and tolerance level.

A Vast Options of Flavors: CBD gummies from Hollyweed are available in quite a number of flavors. You can pick that which suits your taste while enjoying the funny shapes.

THC-infused: You may get a slight ‘high’ due to the presence of THC, though it is only in trace amounts. However, the gummies relieve anxiety and stress.


  • Wide range of dosage options
  • Variety of flavorsA variety of flavors to pick from
  • Customer-oriented brand
  • Beginner-friendly gummies and beginner-friendly gummies
  • Fair refund policy
  • Organic and natural ingredients
  • Third-party lab tested


  • THC infusion
  • Only available online

? Visit the Official Website of Hollyweed CBD

#5. FAB CBD: Strongest and Best Value CBD Gummies

Since 2017, FAB CBD has been in the business of churning out outstanding products for wellness and preventative lifestyle. This brand assumed a position as the industry’s standard in this period. People often decide on their products before the competition. Most notably, FAB’s CBD gummies are becoming the go-to edibles for many CBD enthusiasts.   

Furthermore, its customer relations are top-notch, having the reputation of being friendly, caring, kind, and knowledgeable about the industry and products. The CBD gummies come highly recommended for any time of the day, including nighttime. The Colorado-sourced organic hemp is perfect for its products, and the brand uses C02 extraction to get the best extracts.

The CBD gummies from FAB CBD are perfect for eliminating anxiety issues and getting through the day. So, they’ll calm down and enable you to focus on the tasks at hand. Furthermore, their soothing effects will ease the pressure of the constant everyday stress. The gummies may also help manage chronic pain, even though they feature no amount of THC.

The portioning of the gummies is precise so that you can easily plan your intake cycle. That way, you’ll steer clear of any risks related to overstepping the limits. The gummies contain 25 mg of CBD per gummy, strong enough to curb pain and relieve anxiety yet mild enough not to cause any harm.

FAB CBD’s gummies come in their Anytime and Nighttime flavors. The Anytime flavor acts more like a pain-reliever, while the Nighttime flavor helps you sleep better and longer. So, both of these have their uses, and you can freely alternate between the two.

The brand has its products spread to every state within the US but delivers only within the country. If you buy products worth $99 or more, you get free shipping. In addition, the company also gives room for you to evaluate the effects of the received item. So, if you remain dissatisfied within a span of 30 days, you are eligible for a refund. 


Safe to Use: CBD gummies from Fab CBD contain no chemicals and are suitable for everyone. They are GMO-free, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free.

Verified Products: The brand relies on independent testing to prove that the gummies contain only beneficial ingredients and nothing harmful. It uses ProVerde labs for its tests; the results are available for perusal on the site.

Moderate Potency: Each CBD gummy is infused with 25 mg of CBD. While the gummies do not contain THC, they are potent enough to induce sleep and relieve you of pain.

Precise Type and Dosage: FAB makes things even more convenient with its practical dosages. So, the user can easily deduce how much they’re taking and plan accordingly. In that way, there is little or no chance of an overdosage.

Customer Satisfaction: The accolades from customers are outstanding, proving the brand prioritizes its customers’ needs when creating these edibles.


  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Third-party lab testedLab-tested by third parties
  • Excellent customer service
  • Refund policy available
  • Mildly-pPotent gummies


  • No international shipping
  • Quite pricey

? Visit the Official Website of FAB CBD

How We Created Our Organic CBD Gummies List

Before we review each brand to bring out their strong points and why you should trust them, let us show you how we came up with our list. We did not just look at what was popular but also what was effective. These do not always mean the same thing.

First, we created a list of the most popular CBD gummies on the market. For this, we valued the consumer’s opinion most of all, together with the number of returning users. Afterward, we settled the essential criteria that allowed us to compare between the brands. We looked at hemp source, reputation, reviews, lab reports from third parties, and the extract type. In addition, we looked at reward programs and discounts as they g a long way towards building trust.

Based on the criteria, we narrowed our list down to the number we have here. It is not that there are no other brands that meet the requirements. However, the brands on our list hit the bar and surpassed it, making the selection process easy for us.

What We Looked For In The Best Weed Edibles

Here is a rundown of some key areas that helped us make our list:

  • Hemp Source: US-grown hemp tends to be among the top-rated due to its consistent quality. Most CBD products brands rely on this type of hemp because they can get superb products from it. After all, the primary component is pivotal for the state of the final outcome.
  • Extract Type: Another vital criterion is the extract type. There are three main extracts used for CBD gummies and other CBD products: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Each plays a specific role in the efficacy of the product in question. 
  • Reputation: We got a feel of each brand’s reputation from the customer reviews. One fo the best places to find out how well a product or service fares is what verified users have to say. Therefore, we read thousands of reviews and came to the conclusion that the brands on our list are reputable. They produce some of the finest edibles on the market and always put their fans in the first place.
  • Third-party Lab Reports: These lab reports, also known as Certificate of Analysis, ensure the products have unbiased and reliable test results. They are usually independent of the manufacturing companies, and licensed labs carry them out to ensure fairness. All of the brands featured on our list relied on this method before shipping their stuff.
  • Customer Reviews: To get all relevant data, we had to look past the advertisements. So, after scouring the official websites, we put extra focus on many related forums and review sites. We favored those items that scored highly on such domains, indicating a quality product. Then, we made our decision.

In light of the above, we present the top brands for the best CBD gummies on the market.

Factors to Consider When Buying CBD Infused Gummies

As with all types of edibles, one should know how to choose the right item when it comes to CBD gummies, too. After all, you’ll want to avoid a potential trial-and-error period. To get o the good stuff quicker, consider following these pointers:

Hemp Source

US-grown hemp is one of the best you can find globally. But within the US, there are a few states with superb farm-grown hemp. Colorado and Oregon are two of those states, and you may want to check the hemp source before buying.

Next, check the extract type. There are three main types of extracts: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. There is also the flower-only type, where only CBD from the hemp plant flower goes into the gummies. Such gummies tend to be more potent than any other type.

Concentration and Dosage

When buying CBD gummies, it is ideal to consider the reason for the purchase. That way, you can pick gummies with the right concentration and take the correct dosage. You may want to start small for a beginner, going for one 10 mg of CBD gummy a day. With time, you can increase the dosage once you gain confidence.

It is usually tempting to take more than the recommended dosage due to the delightful taste of the gummies. In truth, your body can take up to 1500 mg of CBD in a day. However, it is best to stick to the expert’s recommendation. Otherwise, you might end up with far more than you’ve bargained for.  

Lab Testing

To remain in the know, always look for third-party lab test results. That is the definitive method to verify the contents of any CBD product. So, make sure to request a Certificate of Analysis as that will prove the gummies have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. Many reliable brands provide it on their sites for easy and convenient perusal.

Store Choice

Though they may seem similar, you shouldn’t patronize every single CBD vendor. Instead, ensure your store of choice complies with the regulations stipulated by the state or country and has the license to sell. You can find certified online sellers as well as brick-and-mortar stores.

Brand Reputation

It helps to know the reputation of the brand you are choosing. Check credentials, awards, and customer reviews. Verified purchases with stellar reviews say something good about the brand, and you should trust them. However, fraudulent brands always have few and shady reviews on display. Luckily, you can easily identify them.


CBD is usually the most active ingredient in these gummies. However, other elements contribute to the formulation, and it is vital to know what they are. Therefore, do some research to see what you may be allergic to and should avoid. Also, you might find out whether the taste will be to your liking by doing so. 

Buy CBD Gummies: FAQs

Q1. How safe are CBD gummies?

CBD gummies are typically safe, provided they have a reliable source. Usually, there are no severe side effects, and when there are, they are few. However, stick to the instructions so as not to put yourself in harm’s way. Overreaching might backfire on you in no time.

Q2. How many CBD gummies should a beginner take?

Typically, one gummy per day is ideal for a beginner. However, some factors affect this number. Therefore, it is wise to even slice up a gummy in two if you’re just starting. Also, some brands even provide smaller dosages from the get-go, thus making it easier for the newcomers.

At the same time, consider your weight and CBD tolerance when calculating your intake ratio. For example, 25 mg is ideal for you if your weight is between 130lbs and 200lbs. That is if you’re looking for a more potent kick. Otherwise, opt for the 18 mg-23 mg range.

Q3. Do CBD gummies create a ‘high’?

You may not get high if you take a moderate dose of CBD gummies, especially if they do not contain any trace of THC. It is crucial to note that not all CBD gummies contain THC; only the full-spectrum CBD gummies do. Naturally, brands highlight this aspect to avoid tricking their customers. 

High doses of potent CBD gummies will relax you and cause sleepiness. If they contain THC even in trace amounts, they may affect your focus if you have a low tolerance. Therefore, it is best to take small doses until your body gets used to the compound. 

Conclusion: Are These CBD Gummies Worth Trying?

We have listed and reviewed some superb CBD gummies to make the selection easy for you. Making a choice should no longer be an arduous task if you follow this guide. Whatever your needs, you are sure to find the right gummies from one or more of the brands on our list. Therefore, be sure to check out Exhale Wellness, BudPop, Cheef Botanicals, Hollyweed, and FAB CBD.

Before settling for any of them, though, focus on the essentials. Learn about the hemp source, research the ingredients, know what concentration and dosage work best for you. Above else, check out any third-party lab tests results. Lastly, consult with the customer reviews to learn about the brand and buy only from certified stores.

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