Thousands, if not millions, of Americans, want to fix their credit, and they are not calm. They are worried, and they are overwrought about how they can get their credit fixed. At least 34% of Americans have some serious inaccuracies on their credit data, and there are people with a dismal history of repaying their bills and loans. Bad credit has put a few million Americans into a bind, and they are in desperate need of getting their credit repaired and building a good score.

You can repair your credit report yourself. But, there is professional help available to help you improve your creditworthiness, remove the black spots, create a new credit identity, and steer you out of the quandary.

You need to find a reputable credit repair company that can honestly repair your damaged and smeared credit against a pre-negotiated fee. In the multitude out there in the market, we found five honest and legitimate credit repair companies. You can try working with any of them if you require one to get your credit repaired. These five companies, we can safely vouch, may help you clean up your financial mess and start afresh with a new credit identity.

List Of Top Rated Credit Repair Companies To Fix Your Credit

#1. Credit Saint – Overall Best Credit Repair Company on the Market

#2. — One Of The Most Trusted Credit Agencies

#3. The Credit People – Specialist in Credit Restoration and Fixing Services

#4. Sky Blue Credi  – Top-Rated Credit Repair Services For Poor Credit Score

#5. Lexington Law Firm – Trusted Credit Repair Specialist to Fix Your Credit

#1. Credit Saint – Overall Best Credit Repair Company on the Market

They say ignorance is bliss, but in the modern world, choosing to remain oblivious to your plummeting credit scores can damage you financially and legally. Sure, you can try to repair your credit yourself. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compels credit reporting companies to give you an accurate value, and you have the right to challenge any discrepancies. But, unless you have the financial know-how to understand any discrepancies and the expertise to challenge these scores, you will have a tough time. But, this is where Credit Saint comes in. It is the top company in the market that challenges inaccurate credit data. Credit Saint offers three packages tailored to different client needs.

The basic package called Credit Polish will have Credit Saint challenge the three credit bureaus for up to five inaccurately reporting items per dispute cycle. Credit Saint will also analyze your credit score to look for errors, along with intervening with creditors and monitoring your credit score as it changes. It costs an initial fee of $99 and then $79.99 per month before taxes.

The intermediate package called Credit Remodel has all the benefits of Credit Polish and inquiry targeting and Experian monitoring. It includes challenging up to ten inaccurately reporting items per dispute cycle. Not only that, but Credit Saint will also aggressively pursue these goals, compared to the basic package. It costs an initial fee of $99 and then $99.99 per month before taxes.

The advanced and most popular package is called Clean Slate. It has all the benefits of Credit Remodel and includes challenging an infinite number of inaccurately reporting items per dispute cycle. Credit Saint will pursue these goals extremely aggressively compared to the other packages, as it is the premium package. It costs an initial fee of $195 and then $119.99 per month before taxes.

Getting started is easy. Simply fill out a short form, pay for your chosen package, and Credit Saint will open a credit monitoring account for you with They will then discuss specific details of your credit history with you and isolate what items in your history you disagree with and seem to be damaging your credit score. Credit Saint will also analyze your positive credit during the repair process and teach you how to optimize your credit report using ideal methods for paying bills and opening or closing credit.


  • It is the number one credit repair agency that excels at challenging inaccurate credit data.
  • There are three packages tailored to different needs and budgets.
  • It is easy to get started. Just fill out a form, and they will do the rest
  • They will help you understand your credit score and teach you good practices which are useful even after services end.


  • Private online dashboard for enhanced communication
  • BBB accredited
  • Featured on multiple prestigious news outlets like Observer,, Consumer Affairs, etc
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • One free consultation


  • Even the basic package does not come cheap. The longer your case runs, the more expensive it gets due to the monthly fees and tax

=> Click here to visit the official website of Credit Saint

#2. — One of The Most Trusted Credit Agencies

If Credit Saint’s premier but premium services are making you think twice, then might be a better choice for you. The company has been involved in over 7.5 million false credit removals since 2012, over one million interventions sent in 2020 alone, and over 23 million challenges and disputes.’s prices are slightly lower. The basic package called the Direct package costs $69.95 per month and will get you inquiry assists, bureau challenges, goodwill intervention, and quarterly credit score updates.

The Standard package costs $99.95 per month and includes the same benefits as the Direct package. Still, it includes a FICO Score Inquiry Assist (FICO SIA) service, which allows you to dispute inaccurate or unfair inquiries on your account.

Finally, the premium package called Advanced is priced at $119.95 per month. This package includes all the same benefits as the Standard package. In addition, it comes with monthly credit score updates, more bureau challenges, more creditor interventions, along with cease and desist interventions.

Getting started is as simple as it was for Credit Saint. Just fill out a form. will also give you your credit score, negative item summary, and a recommended credit solution for free. Overall, customers are more than satisfied with the services.


  • Fix your bad credit in three easy steps.
  • Get started with filling in one simple form.
  • Three price packages based on customer affordability and needs available.


  • Experienced and well-established company
  • Free services offered
  • Slightly cheaper services


  • Not as aggressive as Credit Saint

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#3. The Credit People – Specialist in Credit Restoration and Fixing Services

If you are still feeling overwhelmed with the different tailored packages, then the simple and streamlined services of The Credit People is what you need. Unlike Credit Saint or, The Credit People charges a flat rate for all customers and offers the same level of service to everyone. Their monthly membership has an initial fee of just $19 and a monthly fee of $79. You can cancel your membership anytime without any obligation. The flat-rate membership gives you six months of uninterrupted service for $419. You just pay the amount in one go and do not have to worry about any further payment for the next six months.

For this price, The Credit People offers unlimited disputes, creditor communication, debt validation, inquiry validation, and certified FCRA. The Credit People also gives 24-hour account access, toll-free customer service, a free credit report, and scores.

Customers can expect solid results, as The Credit People offers Score-Driven Results. This means that apart from removing negative items, verifying, and correcting credit issues, The Credit People also focuses on raising your credit score through other possible avenues, even if not directly associated with repairing credit. While disputes and interventions are the limits of what every other credit repair service will provide, The Credit People will go the extra mile. Since creditors who determine your purchase power do not usually look beyond your credit score, The Credit People have pioneered this Score-Driven Results philosophy that includes and goes beyond traditional disputes and interventions.

Not only that, but The Credit People also offers help beyond credit repair. Need a letter of recommendation? Unsure about how to get your interest rates lowered? What if you do not receive updated credit reports from the credit reporting agencies? These are a few things that The Credit People will help you with, although they are not part of the primary service package. This service is done at no extra charge.

The Credit People has over 15 years of experience in the credit repair field, and they have improved average credit scores by 32%. 78% of auto loans and 71% of home loans were approved for customers after their service. 81% of customers were approved for new credit, and 74% were approved for refinancing.

With over 100,000 customers, 3,409 of which joined last month, The Credit People offers their unbeatable satisfaction guarantee. Customers have been thoroughly impressed by their services. So what are you waiting for? Get your free consultation today.


  • There is one rate for all customers.
  • You can pay monthly or upfront for six months, and you can cancel your monthly payments anytime without issues.
  • Get unlimited disputes, creditor communication, debt validation, inquiry validation, certified FCRA, and even help beyond credit repair.
  • They offer an unbeatable customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • One rate means no confusing pay packages
  • 24-hour account access and toll-free customer service
  • Get free credit reports and scores
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Featured on Wall Street Journal and NY Times


  • No individualized package

=> Click here to visit the official website of The Credit People

#4. Sky Blue Credit – Top-Rated Credit Repair Services For Poor Credit Score

Sky Blue Credit offers one of the best credit repair services in the market today, and it does so with its unique twists and flairs. The main attraction for Sky Blue Credit is the following two unique aspects.

Smarter Disputes

Certain credit reporting errors are easily identified, such as accounts that are not yours. But, other reporting errors are difficult to spot. For example, collectors are required to cease reporting when they sell an account to another collector. So, if you notice multiple collectors reporting the same debt, there is a problem and one that needs to be disputed. On the other hand, some accounts have to be disputed with caution. Certain collectors can intensify collection efforts upon receiving a dispute and are best approached with a debt validation letter. Accounts within the statute of limitation may trigger a summons and should be disputed with documentation. Approaching disputes smartly is like winning several easy battles rather than staying locked in a single lost cause. This process can improve your credit score in the long term.

Quicker Pace

Sky Blue Credit uses a fast, 35-day dispute cycle, which is at least ten days faster than other companies. Ten extra days may not seem like much but can add months to the process. A credit repair company that sends disputes every 45 days will take nine months to send six rounds of disputes. That is an extra two months compared with Sky Blue. During this time, you have to keep paying a monthly fee. The quicker pace saves you money in the long term.

Sky Blue Credit has a single package of $79 per month for individuals and $119 per month for couples. That is a $40 discount for couples. The first six days of your service are also free. For the price, you get several services such as:

  • Pro Analysis: Expert dispute candidate identification
  • Faster Disputes: 15 items every 35 days
  • Custom Disputes: Always tailored to the situation
  • SOL Research: State laws about debt collection matter
  • Score Assistance: Actionable steps for you to take
  • Credit Rebuilding: The guidance you need to rebuild
  • Debt Validation: Challenge and verify your debt
  • Goodwill Letters: Make appeal direct to creditor
  • Cease & Desist: Stop debt collector contacts

Sky Blue Credit also maintains an education center to help you understand the financial concepts of credit, how to manage your finances, how to deal with a collector, and how to recover from tough times. As the cherry on the cake, Sky Blue Credit offers a 90-day refund policy.


  • One rate is offered for all individuals.
  • You can fight disputes in a smarter way.
  • There is a fast, 35-day dispute period, during which Sky Blue Credit disputes up to 15 items.
  • Score assistance, credit rebuilding, debt validation, and goodwill letters are offered.
  • It offers flexibility on-demand — stop paying anytime.


  • No complicated payment packages
  • $40 couples discount
  • Shorter dispute cycles mean fewer months to pay for
  • First six days are free
  • 90-day refund period


  • They cannot help you with legitimate debts or bankruptcy

=> Click here to visit the official website of Sky Blue Credit

#5. Lexington Law Firm – Trusted Credit Repair Specialist To Fix Your Credit

Even an average credit score of 580-699 can cost you thousands of dollars in extra interest over a good credit score of 740-799. This issue is real for mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, student loans, and even credit cards. So, improving your credit score can help you save a lot of money. Luckily, millions of people have erroneous credit reports, which can improve their credit score when fixed. Here is where Lexington Law Firm comes in. The company is made of attorneys specialized in fixing your credit, which makes Lexington Law different from the other listed companies. While others use financial experts, Lexington Law uses its expertise of both federal and state law to build up your credit.

The company will fix your credit in three steps:

#1. Setup & Discovery

Lexington Law takes a close look at your credit and determines which questionable negative items are wrongfully hurting your score.

#2. Challenge & Dispute

Lawyers at Lexington Law ask the bureaus and your creditors to verify these negative items accurately and fairly. If they cannot, they are required to remove them.

#3. Manage & Monitor

As you work to manage your credit wisely, Lexington Law continues to leverage the law for your credit, addressing new credit issues as they appear.

Signing up is as easy as filling in a form. Once you sign, you get your credit score, credit report summary, and credit repair recommendation for free.

Lexington Law provides three payment packages for three levels of service. Concord Standard is their basic package that costs $89.85 per month, and it includes bureau challenges and creditor interventions. Concord Premier is their intermediary package that costs $109.95 per month. It includes everything from Concord Standard, plus score analysis, TransUnion alerts, ReportWatch and InquiryAssist. Lexington Law’s premium package is the Premium Plus, priced at $129.95 per month. It covers everything in the Concord Premier package, cease and desist letters, a FICO score tracker, identity protection resources, and personal finance tools.

The company has a solid reputation in the market, and customers are talking about it.


  • This is a lawyer-driven credit repair service.
  • Simple three-step credit repair is offered, where your creditors have to verify any negative items on your credit report or it gets removed.
  • Three packages are available — Concord Standard for $89.85 per month, Concord Premier for $109.95 per month, and Premium Plus for $129.95 per month.


  • Free credit score, credit summary, and credit repair recommendation
  • Legal expertise is on your side
  • Over 70 million negative items removed from credit reports since 2014
  • Over 520,000 active clients


  • You will not be getting much financial advice, mostly legal advice

=> Click here to visit the official website of Lexington Law

What Do Credit Repair Services Offer?

You need to repair your credit when you find your credit score has plummeted because of inaccuracies punched into your credit report. The process of rectifying the mistakes by filing a dispute is called credit repair. You cannot ignore your credit and leave it unattended for long because doing so will hurt you badly for the rest of your life and render you utterly handicapped financially. After all, your credit is your financial footprints — a yardstick by which you and your reliability will be measured in every step of your life.

A credit repair company usually has specialists who help you remove errors from your credit reports and often ensure those mistakes do not reappear. After a credit repair company files a dispute and a plea for correction of the credit report of its clients, credit bureaus usually take 30 days to investigate the dispute. The issues that a credit repair company usually addresses on behalf of its clients include:

  • Accounts that have been wrongfully slapped on you
  • Bankruptcy and other legal matters that are not yours
  • Problems caused by misspelling
  • Some negative remarks which are too old to remain
  • Debts that can no longer be verified and validated

A few credit repair companies of repute offer free credit score updates, credit monitoring, cease and desist letters to debt collectors, and even letters of recommendation to lenders for free of cost.

Credit repairing is a time-consuming process. So, stay clear of companies that promise “quick fix”, demand upfront payment, and put up disputes against everything and anything on your credit data.

How We Selected the Best Credit Repair Companies

Finding the best option is always a great challenge when the availability is aplenty. For us, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. We shortlisted five from hundreds based on a few criteria such as potential scams, packages, fees, credit monitoring, money-back guarantees, and offer of discounts. We also explored the reputation of at least 100 companies in selecting our best five and read the reviews of past clients to know their experience of working with a company.

Scams, if Any

As we cherry-picked the best credit repair companies, we were extremely mindful of any potential red flags. We did not want to pick any company which has even the faintest history of scams. We did a thorough background check of every company and checked with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for any complaint they received. The five credit repair companies we selected have a clean track record with no traces of scams.

Packages and Fees

No two credit repair companies are similar, and naturally, the fees they will charge and the packages they will offer will be different. While a few companies charge every month, the others take a lump-sum amount at a time. We considered only affordable companies to the common people in need to get their credit repaired. Our chosen five are indeed affordable, and their packages are extremely comprehensive.


We could not even think of considering a credit repair company with tainted reputations. Our objective has always been to recommend the best, and a company cannot be the best with venal history. Therefore, we chose companies with spotless reputations that have been in the market for long.


We looked for companies that offer good discounts on their monthly fees or setup. We found a few such companies that offer discounts to serving military personnel, veterans, senior citizens, etc.

Money-Back Guarantee

We preferred companies that offer money-back guarantees to clients if they fail to deliver on what was promised or if clients are dissatisfied with the credit repair company’s services.

Client Reviews

We were more than meticulous in checking the reviews people gave about each of the credit repair companies we initially shortlisted. These people have worked with credit repair companies to straighten out a few curved lines that smeared their credit reports. We could elicit some very useful information and feel about different companies from their reviews. These reviews also helped us in a long way to cherry-pick our five best credit repair companies.

Does Using Credit Repair Agencies Work?

They do, but that depends on the company you finally decide to work with. Many of these credit repair companies keep advertising, claiming vociferously the number of negative entries they erased from the credit data of their clients. Never did anyone ever challenge their claims. So, no one knows how true the claims are. And even if they have played a critical role in getting the negative entries erased, it may have been for a very brief period. Many clients complained that the negative entries in the credit reports resurfaced after three or four months.

It is always safe and gratifying to work with reputed companies if you want to get your credit repaired. The five companies we have chosen are best because they deliver what they promise, and their deliverances will meet your expectations most of the time.

A Guide to Finding Top Credit Repair Companies

Repairing credit is not a joke, and you must hire the best credit repair company for the job. Getting one such company is indeed a challenge. Credit repairing is a process, and the company you have hired has to go through it very meticulously. And, as you would step into the market looking for a credit repair company, you will come across a few that will advise you never to contact any of the three credit bureaus, insist upon an upfront payment even before they start the job for you, tell you to dispute every piece of information on your credit data, suggest you provide wrong information in your application for repair, and fail to explain all the legalities related to the matter.

Stay miles away from such companies because they are scams and will certainly put you into deeper trouble. Working with one such scam will only damage your credit beyond all repair in the future.

Below are some of the factors you must consider before choosing a credit repair company.

Client Reviews

Never miss reading the reviews given by past clients of a credit repair company. These reviews will give you a deep insight into the company’s functioning, honesty, and ethos. You can consider working with a company that has received a maximum number of positive reviews.

Go for a Well-Documented Contract

Always work with a company that will ask you to enter into a written agreement. The agreement document will outline in clearest terms the cost of the job to be done, the job that the company will do for you, the time the company may take to complete the assignment, the deliverances, and a few other terms and conditions related to the work.


It is always safe and rewarding to work with reputable companies. And when it comes to working with a credit repair company, it is all the more important. A reputed company, such as the five we have mentioned and reviewed in this article, will never indulge in any nefarious activities such as cheating clients. The companies we have chosen have been in the business and service of people for a long time and have, over the years, earned a significant reputation for doing ethical business, integrity, and honesty.


We know that credit repair can cost you, but the cost should never be inhibiting. Credit repair companies are essentially in the service sector of the business spectrum, and their fee should always suit common people’s pockets. Compare the fee structure of a few companies before you decide to work with one.

FAQs: Top Credit Companies To Fix Credit Score

Q: What is credit repair?

A: In a nutshell, credit repair is fixing the credit report and improving the credit scores. It often happens that your credit reports may contain a few negative remarks punched in by mistake. Such wrong entries or incorrect information often cause terrible damage and need to be removed. The process of filtering out those unnecessary negative elements from the credit data punched in erroneously is credit repair.  Credit repair, in its full gamut, also entails improving the credit scores of an individual.

Q: How do credit repair companies work?

A: Credit repair is technical work and is time-consuming. A credit repair company usually reads the credit report of its client, finds out all the unwarranted negativities in it, and figures out how to address them step by step. The experts at a credit repair company begin with filing a dispute challenging the wrongful entries so the credit bureaus can investigate and review all the disputed entries. The credit bureau usually takes 30 days to complete the investigation and takes appropriate corrective measures if the disputes are valid.

We, earlier in this article, have already discussed what credit repair companies offer. Please refer to the section, and you will get a detailed understanding of how credit repair companies work.

A credit repair company also helps clients repair their credit by addressing a few knotty financial issues like bankruptcy. Such issues are essentially legal, and their solutions demand a considerable degree of legal expertise. A credit repair company, in certain cases, helps a client to have a new credit identity.

Q: How long does the credit repair process last?

A: The credit repair done by a company is supposed to last forever. But, the durability largely depends on the company’s profile, its skills, and its reputation. If you decide to work with a good and reputable company, you can expect the repair work to last for a very long time.

We have received complaints from people saying that the repairs they paid for did not last for more than three or four months. Such complaints are common because most people decide to work with random companies to save a few dollars.

If you want the credit repairs to last long, work with good companies who will keep monitoring your credit report and intervene whenever errors take place.

Q: Is it worth paying for a credit repair service?

A: Yes, it indeed is worth paying for credit repair. The process entails a lot of complicated work, including filing disputes, monitoring every step of the process, and investing a lot of time. No one can devote so much effort and time. On paper, you can get your credit repaired without hiring any credit repair company. But, before you undertake the job, you must know the process well enough and undertake extensive research. It is, therefore, sensible to hire a reputable credit repair company and entrust it with the work. You can rest assured that if you hire a reliable credit repair company, every dollar you will spend on them will be worth the expense.

Q: Is it expensive to hire a credit repair company?

A: That will depend on what kind of company you decide to hire to get your credit repaired. If you hire any random company, you may have to cough out more than usual because most of these will force you to make an upfront payment, along with other fees.

A reputable company will, at the outset, make the financial issues crystal clear. In the long run, you will surely end up paying substantially less than hiring a random company. But, remember that credit repairing is not cheap, and you should not expect a result overnight.

Q: Are credit repair companies legal?

A: Credit repairing is a legal activity in the United States. Every citizen of this country has the right to get his or her credit report straightened out. Most of the companies that do the repairing for you are legitimate firms.

Conclusion: Top Credit Repair Companies

If you have bad credit or blemishes on your credit data that you do not deserve, it is imperative that you confront this issue immediately and repair your credit. Although you can do the job yourself, it may take a year, if not more. Are you willing to wait that long? Are you willing to invest that much time? If not, then you can try repairing your dented credit with any of the five credit repair companies we have reviewed in this article.

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