Maryland is also known as America in Miniature. This is thanks to its diverse geographical landscape, which is impressive for a small state. In the same way that Maryland’s landscape is diverse, so is its education sector.

Maryland has a range of higher learning institutions with different fields of expertise. You’ll find prestigious research universities, small liberal arts colleges, and military academies. There are many institutions spread throughout the greater Maryland area. Expect to see most in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

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Without further ado, here are seven of the best schools in Maryland.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore and has a graduation rate of 89%. It is undoubtedly the most prestigious university in the state and is ranked 9th among National Universities. Johns Hopkins is a private institution and is also credited as the first research university in the US.

The institution has produced notable alums in its 145 years of existence, including billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Johns Hopkins appeals to graduate students and ambitious scholars. The university also leads research and teaching in different fields of expertise.

Johns Hopkins also has biomedical engineering, neuroscience, economics, and computer science programs.

United States Naval Academy

The United States Naval Academy is ranked sixth among National Liberal Arts Colleges in Annapolis, Maryland. It is one of five schools in the country with an American military affiliation offering undergraduate programs.

The Naval Academy prides itself on its body of high-achieving students. A member of Congress has to sponsor each student for every official application. Every United States Naval Academy student is on a full academic scholarship. Popular majors include social sciences, engineering, and health sciences.

University of Maryland, College Park

This is yet another one of the best that Maryland offers and is located at College Park. The University of Maryland has a graduation rate of 70% and is ranked fifty-nine among the country’s National Universities. The College Park campus is the university’s flagship campus. It is a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship learning.

The University of Maryland is a public research university and the most prominent school in Maryland. It is home to over 800 student organizations offering undergraduate sciences, arts, and athletics programs. Degrees from the institution are internationally acclaimed.

The institution offers certificate programs and has inclusive and diverse policies for its large student community.

Loyola University Maryland

Loyola University Maryland is ranked fourth in Regional Universities North and is located in Baltimore. The institution has a graduation rate of 77 percent. It also has a reputation for offering quality education at affordable prices.

Loyola is a private Jesuit Catholic university offering more than thirty undergraduate major programs. It also offers pre-professional programs and combined postgraduate degrees in law, medicine, and nursing. Loyola University also gives students great financial aid options.

Washington College

Ranked ninety-eighth among National Liberal Arts Colleges, Washington College has a graduation rate of 70 percent. The institution is located in Chestertown, on the state’s eastern shore. Washington College offers conventional graduate degrees as well as undergraduate programs.

As a student in this institution, you can access an extensive range of academic programs with substantial financial aid opportunities. Some of the more popular undergraduate majors at the institution include finance, legal studies, engineering, and international business.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Sixth on the list is another University of Maryland campus. Located in Baltimore, the University of Maryland Baltimore County campus is ranked one hundred and sixty-two among National Universities. The university is part of Maryland’s Public University System.

The University of Maryland offers excellent health sciences, law, nursing, public health, and human services programs. Besides the undergraduate programs, this Baltimore County campus has a graduate school and six professional schools.

It serves the public through clinical care, affordable education, and intensive research work on campus.

Goucher College

Goucher College is located in Baltimore and is ranked number one hundred and seventeen among National Liberal Arts Colleges. The institution has a graduation rate of 58 percent and has a long-standing history of delivering traditional liberal arts education.

This private liberal arts college offers students experiential learning opportunities and is an authority in globalized education. All undergraduate students at Goucher must study abroad at least once during their program before they graduate.


Maryland has some of the best higher learning institutions that offer quality education. These seven institutions provide different programs, but they all rank highly against other institutions. Depending on what you intend to pursue in college, you can find a good institution of your choice from this comprehensive list.

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